Social media platforms of the future, like the, will protect users’ data and allow for the monetization of users’ digital assets.

Facebook’s Recent Hack

A recent posting of more than 533 million Facebook users’ personal data on a low-level hacking forum has put the social media giant in the hotplate again. The hacked information contained information on individual users spread across over 106 different countries, with 32 million users from the US, 11 million users from the UK, and 6 million from India.

This leaked data compromised Facebook IDs, full names, contact numbers, locations, birthdates, account creation dates, relationship status, profile descriptions and even email addresses. This vulnerability had been detected as far back as 2019, with bad parties scraping data by exploiting it…

Blockchain has been touted as the solution to many challenges including banking the unbanked and the recent surge in the popularity of decentralized financial apps on blockchain technology as strengthened the call. Is there anything beyond the hype?

When Covid-19 hit Canada and went into lockdown, it was easy for my household to switch to purely digital payments. We spend our day-to-day lives knowing our money and the access to it for our daily needs, whether it’s via debit card transactions or by credit card, is safe in the hands of our banking systems. We have banking systems that work. We pay a lot for banking convenience through fees, but they work. But for an estimated 1.7 billion people on the planet, that is not the case.

Asia is leading in e-commerce growth and popularity globally. Central to…

What is in store for decentralized finance, an industry that is currently experiencing unprecedented growth?

All Eyes On Defi — The Hottest Trend in Crypto Photo by Thought Catalog from Pexels

In the past few months, the decentralized finance industry has experienced unprecedented growth. It has elicited many discussions within the crypto community and mainstream investors on the benefits and the drawbacks of trustless financial systems. Backers of this financial technology swear by it, while those against it have declared it to be nothing more than a fad and predict its death in the very near future. Whatever the future holds, the truth right now is that DeFi is getting stronger by the day.

The start of 2020 had seen a minimal interest in DeFi, with a total locked value of…

The Future of Finance — Is It Decentralized?

DeFi has seen an explosion of interest in the past few months. For many people, the appeal lies in its ability to offer a better way to earn profits with a fraction of the investment they would need to make otherwise.

Decentralized Finance, better known as DeFi was at the top of crypto buzzwords in 2020 and looks to be top-of-mind as we head into 2021. Decentralized finance basically describes blockchain based protocols and applications that work to create an alternative financial system intended to replace the current centralized one.

Controversial as it is (from a legacy banking point of view), DeFi has seen an explosion of interest in the past few months. For many people, the appeal lies in its ability to offer a better way to earn profits with a fraction of the investment they would need to make…

Decentralized Finance and NFTs bringing new opportunities to artists through platforms like Ephimera.

Non-Fungible tokens represent a new era of capital transformation and wealth creation that empowers a paradigm shift of human behavior at a pivotal time.

When mentioning cryptocurrencies, payments and investing are often the first things that come to one’s mind. While that may be the ultimate purpose of digital assets, there are far more use cases for crypto, especially today. One such use case includes Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) and their beautiful synergy with art.

But what are NFTs, and why are artists so interested in ‘tokenizing’ their artwork? What implications does blockchain technology have for art, and are we about to see a revolution that forever changes digital artists’ economy?

The rise of decentralized finance (DeFi) has brought many great concepts and features to…

Blockchain Governance for Complex Collaborative Information Systems

Blockchain Technology Complex Information Systems Voting Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Over the past few years, we have seen the mainstream opinion of blockchain technology go from something of a fad and only used in cryptocurrency to revolutionary and game-changing across industries.

Deloitte’s 2018 blockchain survey uncovered that blockchain tech is a priority investment for many companies, with 95% of respondents planning to invest up to $10 million or more in the immediate future. The reason for this focus, from global business leaders, is smart contracts show the capability of improving the governance of complex collaborative information systems across many industries.

According to Deloitte’s 2019 survey, 53% of global executives surveyed…

For startups, a marketing SWOT analysis is an integral part of the business planning process that helps build a strong marketing strategy.

What Is A Marketing SWOT?

SWOT is an acronym that stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. A Marketing SWOT analysis helps you understand the internal and external factors, both macro and micro, that affect your business, and it’s potential to succeed. It is a snapshot of how your business stands today, the positive and the negative, and helps you identify opportunities to exploit that will help you reach your marketing goals in the future.

It is a tactic that has to be done honestly. If you are unwilling to address each quadrant of the SWOT analysis adequately, you risk creating an ineffective marketing strategy…

Marketing tools and tactics to consider adding to your Blockchain Growth Hacking strategy

Blockchain Startup Growth Hacking Tactics and Tools Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

According to a Gartner report, today’s B2B buyer journey goes through six distinct steps to complete a purchase — problem identification, solution exploration, requirements building, supplier selection, validation, and consensus creation. They will often revisit these steps at least once before making a final decision, resulting in a buying journey that resembles anything other than a linear path.

Another report by Gartner and HubSpot reports the B2B buying cycle requires eight touch-points for each person involved in the buying decision, which is estimated to be up to 10 people equaling fifty to eighty different touch-points across various marketing channels.


Looking at new marketing channels and how you craft your content may be the key to the success of your blockchain startup.

Blockchain is a technology that’s still evolving, and it can be challenging to get a startup off the ground. The technology hasn’t been around long enough to have extensive historical data to prove its value.

The solutions, for the most part, aren’t yet tangible products, and the technology requires a substantial investment to get it going. However, despite these challenges, spending on blockchain solutions is increasing rapidly worldwide, and Statista predicts it will reach $11.7 billion by 2022.

Blockchain has the potential to change the way businesses operate. Its current primary use is for financial transactions, but it offers countless…

Do’s, Don’ts, Hits and Misses — We are in unchartered waters when it comes to Brand Marketing

Do’s, Don’ts, Hits and Misses for Brands During the COVID-19 Pandemic Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

How quickly things change. Saying the world is in a bit of turmoil is an understatement. The COVID-19 pandemic has detonated, and we are months if not years away from seeing the total fall out. We’ve gone from gearing up for a full-scale marketing campaign, kicking off 2020 in grand style to retreating to emergency survival mode just mere weeks later.

The world is watching! How brands and brand leaders respond now and in the near future will have lasting effects on consumers and employees alike.

Before COVID-19, Purpose-Driven Marketing, highlighting a company’s social purpose and impact, was well established…

Audrey Nesbitt

Marketing Professional, Mentor, Speaker and Co-host of the TIF Women in Emerg-Tech: Power Lunch Series

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