The other day I caught myself saying to you, ‘I hope you do things differently than me.’ I took a step back and I realized I have a history of saying many ‘I hopes’ in regards to you and your life. ‘I hope you don’t settle for mediocre. I hope you find more passion in life. I hope you have more courage than me. I hope you make different choices than me. I hope you live a different life than me.’

I found I was saying these things; praying for these things, for you because I was living the opposite. I was settling, I was living a passionless life, I was lacking courage. I was living the very existence I am hoping you will not live; not follow in my footsteps. I was hoping beyond all hope that you would live this life better.

“Choose to commit to your children that you will become the living example of what they should strive to live up to in their adult lives.” Keith and Maya Traver, Parental Leadership

And then, it dawned on me. For you to live the life I hope you live, I have to live that life for me. Now. It is not enough for me to hope for these things for you. I have to live them for me; lead by example.

I thank you. I thank you for your very existence and for showing me that what I want for you is what I need for me. I need my ‘hopes’ for you to be a direct reflection of a life lived by me.

So. Here’s to you…to us; to living our lives out loud, with passion, taking risks and never settling.

Audrey Nesbitt is an entrepreneur, small business owner in Toronto, ON.

Audrey Nesbitt on LINKEDIN

Marketing Professional, Mentor, Speaker and Co-host of the TIF Women in Emerg-Tech: Power Lunch Series

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